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We tell stories that help our clients tell theirs. At the end of the day we are a small team of curious people, curious about your business, and what makes your vision special. Our passion is to create content representing your vision and passion. Be it Narrative, Commercial, VFX, Corporate, we approach every project with a sense of urgency and professionalism, executing beautiful pieces of content within its budget.

Our main focus of course is video production, but we offer many other amazing services including Photography, Graphic Design, Photo Manipulation, Website Design, Aerial Footage, and much much more...


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    Sky Diesel

    Art Director, Editor

    Camera Assistance, VFX

    Hey I' am a passionate filmmaker, who looks to innovate within its visions. I've worked in many project and understand the challenges facing ahead. 

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    Khuong Thai

    Photographer, DP 

    Lighting Technician 

    I'm a practical photographer who prefers lighting to set mood and storytelling, also heavily influenced by 80s 90s photography.

  • Keven Benneh

    Financial advisor, Grip

    Production Assistant

    What's going on?! I am tasked with the important job of bridging the gap between yourself and my team, in order to bring your ideas and visuals to life.

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    John Ngo

    Production Manager

    Head of Sales, Web Designer 

    Hey I'm a experienced SaaS Account Manager, well diversitile with web design, sales and  customer Success.

  • Haroleon Lawrence

    Camera operator, Editor 

    I am a freelance videographer/editor, who has worked for a variety of brands, signed models, and upcoming musicians, and several events.

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